National advertising program

National advertising

We offer you the opportunity to join our National Advertising Program. We are looking for Advertisers who want to advertise at national / provincial or local level, through sports clubs. In other words, these companies are happy to share their information with your community.

Each sports club uses this extra income to improve or optimize their youth activities and infrastructure. This program gives the youth every opportunity to play sports while reaching a great potential of customers.

Facts & figures

5 228 524 impressions a year

125 Locations

602 Digitale displays

Temporary advertising

National, regional advertising for a certain period of time gives you the opportunity to work in a promotion-oriented way. This makes it possible to reach a more extensive audience with a limited budget.

Local advertising

Would you rather limit yourself to your own city or municipality? That’s possible!

Local advertising can also attract customers and generate more revenue, because not everyone knows your brand or business.