Extra club income

Do your sponsors have the opportunity to advertise?

Additional club revenue through advertising

Companies are increasingly focusing on digital advertising techniques. Showing images, giving impressions, triggering emotions, … Video is content and has a big impact on the viewer. Earn additional club revenue through advertising.

The era of static advertising has come to an end. Clubs are hit hard in their search for sponsors. But let’s face it, is showing a logo or placing a billboard really an added value for your sponsor?

Extra clubinkomsten

“We certainly recommend Expo Sport Media. Friendly, correct and the best investment of our club towards sponsorship…”

Eendracht Elene Grotenberge

“We achieved 32 new sponsors in 1 month with the digital screens. An incredible success”

KSV Nieuwpoort

“Our business lodges gain added value through the digital screens. Companies can now really show themselves.”

Beerschot Wilrijk

“Many positive reactions from supporters, sponsors, as well as from visiting supporters, as well as from our local associations.”

SC Zonnebeke

“For our club, the screens are a bull’s eye. Extremely flexible to use, options are wide, easy to operate. Highly recommended for any sports club.”

Eendracht Hooglede vzw

Companies want to be seen

Video is today’s advertising technique. Everyone likes to look at a screen, a moving image. Currently, companies spend 34 – 57% of their marketing budget on digital advertising.

With our digital screens, your local partner or “small self-employed person” can also benefit. Dynamic advertising is a win-win situation for everyone. The advertiser can show more than just his logo, the club receives more and easily extra club income.

Attract advertisers

Attracting advertisers will be easier from now on. After all, you can offer them added value through the digital advertisements.

Not only showing video messages is important, but also the Return on Investment (ROI) is important for an advertiser. The video ads your visitors see can immediately lead to an increase in your sales at the bar (which the beverage supplier will like).

Win-Win situations sponsors

  • Promotions
  • Vacancies
  • Realisations
  • Open days
  • Maandmenu
  • Sale

Extra club income well spent

  • Youth work
  • Sports equipment
  • Training coaches
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Stages
  • Infrastructure

Enjoy our National Advertising Program

We also offer you the opportunity to join our national advertising program. We are looking for advertisers who want to advertise at national/provincial or local level, through sportsclubs.

In other words, these companies are happy to share their information with your community.