should not be seen,
it should stand out

should not be seen,
it should stand out

Win with digital sponsorship

The transition from sponsor to advertiser was already happening. The global pandemic only pushed the fast-forward button. This could be the sport’s “Napster moment,” an inflection point where the industry needs to fundamentally address the way it’s structured and where it gets its revenue from. Giving back to advertisers is a big challenge that needs solutions if the sports world is to survive what’s to come.

Sports clubs and their current sponsorship

Most sports clubs have a sponsor file in which the sponsor can put their logo anywhere within the club, and even occasionally in the most crazy places. If we then take a look at the sponsors, and especially their advertising budget, they rarely or never give budget to showing only their logo, but especially to advertising.

Companies mainly show their promotions, vacancies, open days, realizations, monthly menu, … so as a sports club you can help your sponsor to that Return On Investment he is looking for then you both generate added value.

expo sport media

Increase your sales

Sports drinks, smoothies, meals, coffee, … the more you show, the more people will consume.

expo sport media

Added value for sponsor

Show companies their advertising. Companies outside the sympathizer zone also find this interesting.

expo sport media

Show club information

Advertise a BBQ, quiz or other event. This way you get more participants and more turnover.

Attract advertisers

Companies can show a company video, video message or projects. This way they reach their potential customers better. Advertisers are eager for dynamic advertising messages.

By offering dynamic advertising instead of static logo, you have a higher value, with which you can more easily attract new sponsors

A fantastic audience

  • Home crowd match
  • Visiting supporters match
  • Parents, family and friends
  • Youth, youth, adults
  • Different companies and sectors
  • Training
  • Games
  • Events
  • Social meeting place
  • Parties

Added value for advertisers

The screens of Expo Sport Media stand out and are viewed by everyone. Your ad has an effective reach and you can show more than just a logo.

A video message or advertisement is more fun to see, never gets bored and sticks. Video advertising encourages sales, which increases your turnover.

National Sponsor Program

At Expo Sport Media, companies get the chance to advertise on our digital screens. We reach a national audience through the sports clubs. From young to old, employee to employer, in all companies and sectors. If desired, you can also choose a regional or local target group.

Expo Sport Media’s digital network

Expo Sport Media is building a digital network together with the sports clubs. A network of digital screens in canteens and cafeterias, where many people come to exercise or support in usually the best consuming locations of the area.

By placing at least 3 synchronous screens in the best place next to each other, we achieve maximum visibility for all visitors. Every image is looked at, every message is understood.

We reach a wide variety of target audiences. From young to old, from worker to employee, from small self-employed to multinational. Everyone comes to the sports club; for himself or his child, as an athlete or supporter.

National Sponsor Program

Help kids play sports

Each national advertiser has access to advertise with any sports club, according to the desired location and duration. By showing advertisements, the club largely receives the advertising budget that they use to pay for their youth work.

Some clubs that already benefit from advertising

Digital advertising for everyone

Can every sports club enjoy advertising?

Yes, any sports club can participate.

Are there certain sports clubs that you exclude?

No. Our screens are in canteens of all sports disciplines. Also in fitness centers.

Do you also work in the hospitality industry?

Of course. You can use our screens wherever you can show advertisements that provide direct added value to the advertiser and your business.

Who manages the ads?

Through our drag & drop dashboard you have full control over your ads.


Digital displays

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